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Nevada Trip – Fall 2015

  I just got back from Northern Nevada, and here are the paintings I did on the trip, weather or not.

Refreshing by Michael Drury . Sept 3 – October 26 . Four Corners Gallery, Tucson

Here’s a peek at a few of the paintings in my upcoming show – Refreshing by Michael Drury – if you’re in the Tucson area, please stop by!

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The Santa Ynez River Meets The Pacific Ocean

Painted on the afternoon the heatwave broke last September. Only a little wind and the roar of the waves breaking on the bar.

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Lone Juniper And Snow Clouds

From Sand Creek in the face of a vigorous cold front. By noon I was back in town for warmth and food. Snowed all night.  

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Snow Showers over Eagle Peak

A cold, threatening morning that turned into generous snowfall by sunset. I am always grateful for the opportunity to paint oncoming weather.

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Winter Afternoon Point Conception

Only the sound of the ocean and the barking of elephant seals 200 feet below. Too beautiful not to paint.